Learn How to Dance Bachata, Swing and More

Fun and easy online dance tutorials. Learn how to dance the essentials of Partner Dancing and Dance Fitness on any screen, anywhere!

Couple Swing Dancing

Partner Dance Tutorials

Learn How to Swing Dance Online & Bachata Lessons

Start from the basics and learn how to dance a full couples dance sequence! Learn a slow & romantic dance and an upbeat & energetic dance. Two programs to choose (Level 1 & 2). Try it for a month, or stick to a weekly dance schedule and use this program as your practice guide!

Online Dance Fitness

Follow Guided Dance Fitness Videos & Dance to Hit Songs

No dance partner? Not a problem. Follow Ashley through fun and exciting Dance Fitness routines! Practice breaking down routines and when you’re ready, put them together to popular songs! Inspired by stylish Latin dancing and designed for all ages and skill levels.


The Benefits of Dance


Dancing releases endorphins which gives you energy, anytime of day.

Strength Building

Dancing works many different muscles, including often less-used muscle groups.

Stress Relief

Dance reduces cortisol levels which is beneficial for many reasons, including reducing stress.

Mind & Memory

Dancing often improves brain function and boosts memory.

Music is Therapy

Music is therapeutic, and combined with dancing, provides added benefits.

Relax & Refresh

Life gets busy, so it’s good to take a break and do something fun, like dance!

Don’t Wait, Learn How to Dance TODAY!

Learn how to dance solo or with a partner. Follow the instructor through guided dance tutorials and then put the patterns together into fun dance routines! It’s that easy.