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Below you will find some useful info about dancing to help start your exciting dance adventure! 

We have never danced before, how do we know which dances to learn?

Partner dancing can seem intimidating at first glance. We aim to make learning how to dance easier by focusing on only TWO dance styles – one slower & romantic dance (Bachata), and one uptempo & energetic dance (Swing). These two dances provide an excellent foundation for social dancing and are perfect for beginners learning how to dance online! 

Who should be leader and who is the follower?

Traditionally, in partner dancing the male assumes the role of leader and his partner would be the follower. However, partner dancing does not need to conform to gender bias. So, feel free to shake up the formula, but remember, there can only be one leader! It is best to determine who the leader is from the start and stick to that role, since each partner has to learn different steps. During this online dance tutorial series, the leader should learn the steps that the gentleman is demonstrating and the follower should learn the steps that the lady is demonstrating.

How long will it take to learn how to dance online?

Dancing is both a mental and physical activity. Developing a new hobby of the mind and body requires patience and practice. Like other sports and hobbies, the more time and practice a student puts in on a regular basis, the better and faster they will see results. Remember, learning how to dance online requires much review, so try to build a weekly dance schedule using this online dance program as your guide to follow during each practice!

Where are we able to use this style of dancing?

You might be thinking that learning how to dance is not very useful in social situations, but don’t fret! Once you begin learning how to dance and build confidence, the world opens up many opportunities for your new social dance skills. Dance at a wedding, for your first dance, or as a guest burning up the dance floor! Dance under the stars, or in the rain! On a cruise, or in a dancehall. For now, start in your living room, or take this online dance course with you on your cell phone or tablet and practice at the gym! Starting to get the idea? It’s time to dance!

It’s never too late to learn how to dance. Start dancing today!

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What Students Are Saying

“This was a great experience. Very laid back yet formal for beginners. Felt very positive during and after. Can’t wait to sign up for more lessons.”

Haley C.

“Great teachers who make everything simple and fun for everyone!! Great to get dance back in my life!! Thank you!!”

Emma S.

“Both Adam and Ashley were so clear and concise with their instruction and we really learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Highly recommended!”

Carly R.

Dance Like No One’s Watching!

Learn on your own or with a partner. Dance in the comfort of your home. Follow the instructor through guided dance videos and when you’re ready, put the patterns together into dance sequences!