Dance Fitness

Dance at home with these fun online Dance Fitness tutorials! Inspired by Latin dancing. Great for all ages & skill levels.

Solo Dance Tutorials

Get Your Groove on With Fun Dance Fitness Routines!

No dance partner? Not a problem. Follow Ashley through fun and exciting Dance Fitness routines! Practice breaking down routines and when you’re ready, put them together to popular songs! Inspired by stylish Latin dancing and designed for all ages and skill levels.

Dance for Fitness and Stress Relief!

Guided Breakdowns of Each Section!

Sections Build Into FULL Dance Routines!

Routines to Learn

Breakdowns to Follow

Popular Songs

Videos to Watch


What Students Are Saying

“Love it! Ashley is an amazing teacher! We learn a variety of steps that can also be danced with a partner, but Ashley puts them together to do a choreography and it is so fun!”

Marie-Eve G.

“A super fun way to start the morning with great music, fun dance routines, and an amazing instructor! I highly recommend trying a class!! You won’t regret it!”

Amber-Lynn K.

“Ashley always manages to have a variety of fun dance routines for everyone to follow and demonstrates the steps so you can get comfortable if you are trying something new.”

Kayleigh W.

If You Have Ever Wanted to Dance…

Now is the time to make your move! You can try this program with a monthly membership and you can cancel at any time! No obligations, just pure Dance Fitness fun for all ages!